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Transferring self-fat from the abdomen or back to face, breast, or butt

At Al El Rouby Clinic we perform many cases every year, which makes us one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world.


Our main goal is to help you achieve your goals while ensuring the highest standards of quality, patient care and safety, with the latest technology and devices with  experience since 1998.


We have extensive experience in performing both types of primary surgery (no previous operation) and revision surgeries (surgeries that correct the wrong results of previous operations). In addition, we can also perform non-surgical procedures (suitable for some conditions).

Improve results

When can you perform fat transfer or lipoinjection


- 18 years or more.


- in good health.


- In good psychological condition.


Do not be pregnant or plan to become pregnant within a year.



The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

Important information for the best results for fat injection

Parts of face fat


Facial fat is concentrated in specific parts and separated by membranes. Therefore, when injecting facial fat, care must be given that the injections are done evenly throughout those parts.

Direction and level of injections


Fat should be injected into several levels until thin layers separate the blood circulation of all fat cells and grow as they were injected

The amount of facial fat injections




Concentrated fats are injected with these limited quantities, and it is preferable not to increase until there is no loss to increase them

Type of syringes for fats


After making a concentration of the lipids that have been aspirated and adding steroids to them, they inject the middle part of the center, which contains the living fat cells.

How is the process of transferring and injecting fat?

Fat injections usually take between half an hour to an hour.




Local or general anesthesia may be used, depending on the donor region and the area receiving the fat.




Fat is withdrawn from some areas (donor), whether using a needle or a machine such as the one used for liposuction.




- Then the fats are dealt with through centrifugation and some substances to activate the immature cells and then they are injected again into the skinny areas.

What do you expect during the recovery period after self-fat injection?


Because fats are extracted from the same person, there are no allergic problems.


You can practice your normal life within hours after the injection, and if there are some swelling and bruising that disappear during the days after the operation, whether in the donor area or the place of injection.


However, if caution is not exercised in preparation and injection as previously mentioned, there is an ability to lose a lot of the amount used and asymmetry occurs.


- The results are proven two to three months after the injection. As all traces of swelling go away, the area of ​​the injected area decreases by up to 30 percent.

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