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Of cases satisfied  with the results


0.5 - 2 Hours

Local for Non-surgical

General for Surgical

one week to practice normal daily activity - 10 days to return to work - 6 months up to a year to final results

Temporary for Non-surgical

Permanent for Surgical

Reduction, Augmentation , Saddling, Functional, correct deviated septum, correct deviated nose

At Al El Rouby Clinic we perform many cases every year, which makes us one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world.


Our main goal is to help you achieve your goals while ensuring the highest standards of quality, patient care and safety, with the latest technology and devices with  experience since 1998.


We have extensive experience in performing both types of primary surgery (no previous operation) and revision surgeries (surgeries that correct the wrong results of previous operations). In addition, we can also perform non-surgical procedures (suitable for some conditions).

Improve results

When can you perform rhinoplasty


Over 18 years of age (until bone and cartilage growth is complete)


A problem with the dimensions of the nose with other facial features


A functional problem such as shortness of breath or warp of the nasal septum


Some cases can be performed without surgery, with injections and / or threads, which is known as laser rhinoplasty, but its results are not permanent, such as surgery.


You must have realistic expectations that your nose cannot be formed similar to another person. The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

How can you define the aesthetic measures of your nose?

Rhinoplasty without surgery


With Injections and Threads and some call them "laser rhinoplasty"

With local anesthesia, within half an hour

- By injection to weaken muscles - Bot ox

- Or injection to fill in the gaps and harmony the nose - with filler

- Or with threads that are used for face lifting


You can go about your normal life within an hour after the procedure and the cost is much lower than with surgeries.


But the results are temporary and will continue for periods varying between six months to a year, depending on the type of technology used. It can then be returned to keep the results.


Suitable for some cases, such as reducing the width of the nose, raising the rabbit, and coordinating prominent bones. It can also be used to mask some minor effects of past operations.

Rhinoplasty with surgery

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia (sometimes with local sedative). And it takes about one and a half to two hours


Through the skin between the nostrils and inside the tip of the nose the skin is separated and through this wound it is done


- Reshaping nose bone and cartilages according to gender, using permanent stitches


- Or eradicate parts of cartilage to minimize nasal cartilages


- Or use cartilage grafts to enlarge the cartilage of the nose


- Or straightening the bones, and the nasal hump may also be removed.


- Deviations of the nasal septum can also be fixed.


- In some cases, you may need to change the shape of the chin up or down to get harmony between facial features.


- For a saddle nose, a cartilage patch or material made of medical fibers is placed to fill the deficiency between the skin and the bone.


Then install a nasal splint and pack the nose from the inside.

What do you expect during the recovery period after rhinoplasty?


You can leave the hospital and go home two hours after the operation

You can practice your daily life the day after the operation even if the presence of the pillar may hinder you from practicing your work for a week

After surgery, the filling of the nose is removed within two days after the operation, and you will breathe through your mouth

 Some swelling will occur, but it usually goes away within a week of the procedure

You can reduce swelling by sleeping in a half-seated position and making cold packs

Removal of the external support during the first week after the operation

The end result appears when the skin heals with bone and cartilage, which is what happens within six months to a year after rhinoplasty

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