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Removal of sagging skin in the arms, chest, back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs - repairing the muscles of the abdominal wall

At Al El Rouby Clinic we perform many cases every year, which makes us one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world.


Our main goal is to help you achieve your goals while ensuring the highest standards of quality, patient care and safety, with the latest technology and devices with  experience since 1998.


We have extensive experience in performing both types of primary surgery (no previous operation) and revision surgeries (surgeries that correct the wrong results of previous operations). In addition, we can also perform non-surgical procedures (suitable for some conditions).

Improve results

When can you perform total body lifting


- 18 years or more.


- in good health.


- In good psychological condition.


Do not be pregnant or plan to become pregnant within a year.


He does not suffer from obesity (body fat accumulation rate or body mass index (BMI) is less than 45% for women and 47% for men).



The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

What after Bariatric surgeries?

To fully recover from obesity surgery, a short-term plan and a long-term plan are established to complete the finalization and restore full health.


During the first six-month recovery period, you will need to do some sports, organize meals and meals, and take some complementary treatments. And after stabilizing the weight for six months (more than or less than 5 kilograms), it is possible to resort to tensile and coordination exercises.


Exercise after obesity surgery:


Before leaving the hospital, you will start with simple sports movements to accelerate the treatment of wounds. The most important sport during this period is walking. Within two weeks, you will be able to start practicing your activities and daily life.


Organizing types of food and meals:


Because the operation was performed in the stomach, so you should choose simple types of eating, but they provide you with all the necessary contents to recover. And these general instructions must be followed while eating meals:


Chew food well and slowly.


• Separate each value from one to the other in a few minutes.


• Drink plenty of fluids other than eating time.


Avoiding the high types of sugars and starches to avoid falling after eating.


• Pay attention to the types that contain proteins, fruits and fresh vegetables.


• You must adhere to drugs that compensate for the lack of vitamins, iron and calcium absorption.


Alcohol and smoking should be avoided.


Three meals should be eaten without snacks or additional feeding.


Medicines after obesity surgery:


In the first periods, you will need analgesics and antibiotics. Then you will need vitamins, iron, and calcium to make up for the lack of absorption of these elements.


Change your life system:


Obesity surgeries are a means, not an end. Therefore, you must change with it many patterns in your life, such as the way of eating and its schedules, regularity in exercise and social integration, especially as some psychological changes may occur in the first periods.


If you are a woman and want to have a child, you should wait a year, a half, or two years before you step on it to maintain your general health and the health of the fetus with proper nutrition. Of course, you will need an increase in the amount of vitamins and iron in these periods.


Over time and a lot of weight has been lost, another stage of recovery will begin, which is sagging skin in all areas of the body, starting from the arms and chest to the abdomen and thighs, which may cause you new discomfort. The corset must be worn to reduce sagging skin and help it regain elasticity.

What happens after weight changes are proven

With the skin losing its elasticity and then losing weight by more than 100 kilograms over the course of a year after the operation, other surgeons must intervene to tighten these flabs.


The weight should have been established for at least three months before starting to flab. (More than or less than 5 km)


And according to your general health, according to medical analyzes, these operations can be performed in two or three phases, separating each of these phases for six months.


Sometimes when you may need a stage of liposuction, whether through conventional methods, Pfizer or laser, to remove the fat burning clusters.


As for the skin sagging, they often need to tighten all or some of them, such as stretching sagging skin of the abdomen, arms, chest, buttocks, back, or thigh.

How is total body lifting can be done?

staged - Partial and complete

Usually the operation is done under general anesthesia, and it can also be performed under a local anesthetic, with the use of sedatives, especially if the tension is partial to the area under the navel.




The process takes approximately three to six hours, depending on the type of technology used and where it is performed.




The first stage:


Lift the upper part: arms, chest and back


- Make wounds to be hidden as possible.


After hypnosis, liposuction is carried out from the previously specified areas.


Then the skin is slit and separated to enable tightening of the skin.


Wounds are closed with surgical sutures and tubercles to drain any clusters outside the patient's body.




The second stage:


Tighten the lower part: the abdomen, back, lower back, and thighs


- Make wounds to be hidden as possible.


After hypnosis, liposuction is carried out from the previously specified areas.


Then the skin is slit and separated to enable tightening of the skin.


Fix any hernia and fix the abdominal wall by rounding the longitudinal front muscles with fixed surgical sutures


Wounds are closed with surgical sutures and tubercles to drain any clusters outside the patient's body.




The third stage:


Refine the scars and remove any excesses


- A complementary stage to fine-tune the shape of wounds for the previous two phases and remove any greasy or skin clumps on the edges of the wounds

The period between each stage and the other is not less than six months


Wounds heal, general health improves and they recover completely

 The recovery period after tightening and coordinating the body:


- Depending on the amount of flabs removed and your general health before the operation and your age, you can expect some pain that will go away with painkillers and something from stress to change the amount of fluid.


Sometimes repair of the abdominal wall accompanies, especially if the sagging is chronic and shortness of breath occurs during the first hours.


The full body lift process requires two weeks of complete rest at home, although some patients can lead their normal lives within days.


Patients are advised to do some gentle exercises to stimulate blood circulation to reduce the recovery period while bending the trunk while walking.


It is also taken into account that bathing and medical visits to the wound and removing the tubercle are done during the first two weeks after the operation.


- During the first three months, the corset is worn continuously.


- The patient can exercise or swim after two months of the operation, but warns carrying weight for a period of three months, especially while repairing the muscles of the abdominal wall.




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